Walking, cycling, and food tasting tours


Local guides, local experiences, supporting local community!

Who we are, and why choosing us!?

We are local tourist guides, who provide specific local experiences. Our goal is to show this lovely town, supporting local community and local producers.

Enjoy Novi Sad food tour

This food experience is all about mix of cultures from Central Europe and Mid East. We will visit some local food producers and taste famous Turkish coffee. Since this Serbian province is very fertile, we will taste some of local fresh fruits and vegetables. So, local pie, sausages, cheese, vegetables, fruits, cake and coffee will make your day unforgettable.

Enjoy Novi Sad cycling tour

Easiest way to meet Novi Sad is by bike. Driving a bike near the Danube, and in the city centre is real pleasure. We will discover some old and new places, with special look to urban and art life of the town.

Enjoy Novi Sad walking tour

One of the best ways to get to know Novi Sad is to take a walk. Get involved with new and old town stories. Meet diversity of cultures, and religions which are the proud of the town. Discover some hidden places, which only locals can show you.

Enjoy Karlovci wine tour

Near Novi Sad, in Sremski Karlovci, we can travel thru the time. Learn about the grape varieties, taste the distinctive wines of this region. Meet the winemakers, listen to stories and stroll in hundred years’ old cellars!

Enjoy Novi Sad craft beer pub crawl

Novi Sad offers very interesting craft beer pubs. If you want to get involved with locals, to taste and support some local craft breweries, this is a tour for you.

Enjoy Novi Sad underground

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

“Nicola’s tour was one of the best I had experienced by far. His informative yet laid-back style clicked with me, I had a beautiful afternoon strolling around the city with him. I would recommend everyone to book his tour to explore Novi Sad. 非常优秀的导游,短时间内带你游遍小城精华,物超所值~”
Jake Wang Jing'an
Shanghai, China
“This was a great and informative tour of Novi Sad. Nikola is really knowledgeable about his city and really wants you to enjoy the tour. I was the only one on the tour this day so I got a really personalized experience and loved learning about the history and culture of Novi Sad, and even got some good recommendations for local businesses and events. Nikola is also just a really nice guy and fun to talk with. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to know more about this beautiful city.”
Alex Taber
Seattle, Washington, United States